51 watt LED Spots

LED Spotlight
Old school LED spotlight

Many people ask me why I stopped selling the 51 watt LED Spotlights.

Well, they were great lights at the time. The 51 Watt LED Spotlights with 17x 3watt LEDs were the first LED spotlights we sold and at the time they were the best in the market.

They were very reliable, to date we replaced only 5 individual lights out of over  260 sets sold.

But time moved on. Those lights did not have a great range. Their range on non reflective visibility were only about 100 meters or so. Our latest lights have a non reflective visibility of more than 400 meters.

The old 51 watt lights were also very heavy (3.5Kg each) and caused many offroad bumpers to crack due to the weight.

I see some companies still sell these lights.

Yes, I can still import them if I want to, but I do no want to, we prefer to move on with time and bring our customers the latest technology.

Because they are so old school the prices dropped tremendously. If I have to import those today I will probably sell them at R2,000.00 per set.

Within the next 2 weeks we will launch the  best LED spotlight you have seen up to date.

LED Spotlight
Old school LED spotlight

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