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How to fit a Snorkel on Toyota Hilux IFS

Although all models are different the basic concept remains the same.

In your snorkel kit there is a template. You must use this template to see where you must drill the holes.

Click here for the correct snorkel to use for a 2.7 Hilux


  1. Sometimes the holes on the template is not 100% accurate. Always fit the template on the snorkel and make sure the holes are correct before you put the template on your vehicle and start drilling holes.
  2. Rather measure 5 times than having to drill twice!

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First you must stick the template to the body

Note that the vertical edge of the template must line up with the edge of the fender between the door and the fender.

The horisontal edge of the template must line up woth the top edge of the fender between the fender and the bonnet.

Installing a snorkel on a 4x4

Snorkel installation

The arrow in the picture below shows where to drill the hole for the big hole. You must use a hole saw to cut the big hole. Measure the outer diameter of the pipe that will go through the fender as they are not all the same. Get a hole saw that is about 5mm larger than the pipe. Thus if the outer diameter is 80mm, use a 85mm hole saw.

Since the small holes on the template are sometimes not 100% accurate it is better to attach the template to the fender, then drill the big hole. Then while the template is on the fender put the snorkel in position. Then mark the posistion of the snorkel on the template with a pen. Remove both the snorkel and template. Put the template on the snorkel in the position you just marked, check all the small holes BEFORE you even think of drilling the holes.

Snorkel installation

Snorkel installation

After you drilled the holes, first remove all burs from the area you have cut and the holes you drilled. Then apply some etch primer on the exposed metal in order to prevent rust.

Snorkel installation

After painted the exposed areas you can bolt the snorkel in position and connect the pipes. Note that with some models like the KZ-TE Hilux there is a short metal pipe. This metal pipe must run inside the rubber inner pipe which runs inside the fender.

Snorkel installation

Snorkel installation

Snorkel installation

Hilux Snorkel




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