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Prado 90 Series 3.4LT V6 snorkel installation

Fitting a snorkel to a Land Cruiser Prado 90 Petrol

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Tools required:

  1. Drill and drill bit
  2. Jigsaw and fine metal cutting blades. 2 blades cost R20.00
  3. 1 Roll masking tape for the fender
  4. NS4 rust preventer
  5. Allen key to tighten the threaded studs onto the snorkel
  6. 13mm ring spanner. A rachet ring spanner for the top bolts behind the fender will help a lot
  7. Flat screw driver to adjust the clamps.

Read instructions

Prado 90 snorkel installation

Cut out Template along the dashed line.

Cover fender with masking tape to avoid scratches and slipping of tools and align the template in position at the top and along the edge of the fender by the drivers door.

Remove the plastic wheel arch above the wheel so you have access to the back of the fender to tighten the bolts.

Fitting snorkel to Prado 90

Prado 90

Prado snorkel

Snorkel template for Prado 90

Place snorkel in position over the template to ensure template is in correct position, with the window post bracket attached to the snorkel.

for Prado 90

Before you drill make sure there is nothing on the other side that can be damaged, like wiring etc. Drill the marked holes. Do not press to hard, let the drill do the work, go slowly as the fender metal is very thin.

Drilling holes to fit snorkel

Holes drilled to fit snorkel on Prado

Using a jig saw with a fine metal cutting blade, cut out the large hole in the fender.

Safety: Work slowly, wear safety goggles, and do no rush. Do not remove the blade from the fender until the jigsaw has stopped moving.

Cutting hole for snorkel with jig saw

Jigsaw hole snorkel

Snorkel installation

Snorkel prado 90 installation

Once cutting is completed dummy fit the snorkel to ensure all holes line up correctly. Mark off the position of the window post bracket. Attach the bracket in position on the window post. I added Silicone inside the drilled holes to prevent water ingress. I used the rivets supplied.

Remove all masking tape from the fender and give a good clean. I polished the fender as access in the future for polishing is restricted by the snorkel.

Then apply a rust preventer paint like NS4 or Hammerrite to stop rust from starting on the freshly cut edges.

Paint edges with Hammerite

Painting edges of snorkel hole with Hammerite

Once paint has dried, place a thin layer (2mm) of rubber sponge (which is optional) to the back of the snorkel as a cushion for the snorkel against the fender. You can buy this at Builders Warehouse or any hardware store. 1 side is sticky. Quite cheap.

Place the snorkel in position and tighten the bolts on the back of the fender and on the window post bracket. Once all bolts have been tightened just connect up the pipe to the airbox and you are basically finished your installation. Place the snorkel head on top, secure with the supplied clamp and you are done.

Land Cruiser Prado 90 Snorkel

Published with the permission of Duwayne Fox - 4x4snorkels.co.za

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