4×4 Direct DIY Roof Rack Assembly

How to build your own Roof Rack.

Hi to all our awesome 4×4 Direct customers.

We have done it again!

We made building your own Roof Rack just a little bit easier.

With our range of aluminium profiles and DIY stainless steel brackets you can build and mount your own double or single roof rack.

Below I will be showing you how the double roof rack bracket and aluminium profiles fit together.

Step one:

Measure and cut the lengths of aluminium profile you need, keep in mind the length the brackets take up.

You will need to cut two lengths of each of the profiles to pair with the side spacers for each side.

Step two:

Start by bolting the Side Spacers to your pairs of profiles. Line up your side profile with your double groove profile and mark where the side spacer will be placed and bolted. I found by marking where the bolts line up with the spacer helps to line up the two profiles. Insert the 8mm bolts into the rails and bolt together, repeat this with all sides.

Step three:

After you have all your side profiles ready and bolted, start bolting the double bracket to the sides. Slide M8 nut into the top double groove rail and line up with the top hole of the bracket.

Using the M8 bolt and washers supplied fasten bolt. (Remember to check that the profiles line up in the inside of the bracket)

Keep the one end of the rack open to be able to slide in the slats.

Step four:

Now you can measure and cut the length of the slats using the part of the roof rack that has both corner brackets bolted in place to measure.

Slide the lengths of slats into the side profile and bolt last two double brackets and side to complete the rack frame, rivet all the corners from below.

Measure and move slats into desired spacing and rivet in place from below.

You are welcome to call or email us for any queries and please see links below to our items and contact details on the web site.

Thank you

Everything you will need is here:


Build your own roofrack