Snorkel Installation Guides

On this page we listed links to web sites showing you how to fit a snorkel to various 4×4 vehicles

PLEASE NOTE: The fitment instructions listed on this page is not only for our brand of snorkel. This is a snorkel fitment article collection of all brands and makes of snorkels. Most of the snorkels fits in the same way. Even if you do not have the same brand of snorkel the instructions of another brand will give you a very good idea what to do.

If you come across a very good installation article, please email the link to pietpetoors @

All our snorkels come with a template which shows you where to drill the holes. Click here to download an example of one of our templates

Snorkel fitment instructions for:




Land Rover




How to fit a snorkel

How to fit a prado snorkel

How to fit a snorkel on Prado