I need extended shackles to lift 40mm

I need extended shackles to lift 40mm
Extended Shackles

Question –
I’m trying find lift shackles for a older Ford Ranger. the 2.5td version .
Will you guys have available 40mm lift kits. I know you can crank the front up a bit but not sure how much before it needs the spacer.
Im only trying to get say 40mm extra lift so not huge.

Answer –
40mm is “huge”.
The extended shackles are 50mm longer than standard but because they stand at an angle, a 50mm longer shackle only gives you an average lift of 25mm

To lift the front by 25mm you can just crank up the torsion bars, but the more you lift the front with the torsion bars the less the downward travel of the wishbone becomes.
If you lift it, the vehicle will have lots of upward travel available but not much downward. On standard setting it has more or less same amount of up- and downward travel.

Problem with not enough downward is that in an axle twister your wheel will hang in the air and not move all the way down in order to keep contact with the ground.

To lift 40mm on your suspension by extending shackles only might influence road holding capability.

If you really want to lift 40mm then a body lift is better.



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