Fitting a Ranger T6 snorkel to a Ranger T7

Fitting a Ranger T6 snorkel to a Ranger T7

The Ford Ranger T6 snorkel do fit the Ranger T7 with small modifications to the snorkel.

This is what you have to do to make it fit:

Ranger T7 snorkel fitment
Remove the insert and indicator unit carefully.


Cut about 70 to 75mm off the long pipe.


Cut off this bracket


Carefully cut off these two stubs. If you do not cut them off there will be a huge gap between the snorkel and body.


Remove studs with grinder


Pre-fit snorkel and get alignment right with door and A pilar.


Lift rubber and remove the tape that stays behind


Mark a-pilar mounting position and drill holes.


Apply anto rust paint and a bit of Sikaflex before fitting the bracket with pop rivets


Mark the ends of the bracket on the rubber


Use a flap disk grinder to remove at least 3mm of the rubber


Use Sikaflex to stick rubber back into position and leave 24 hours to dry.


Step-13 cut airbox rubber on both sides just a bit wider than the hose clamp



Yes, a T6 snorkel does fit a T7

Ford ranger t7 snorkel

Ford Ranger T6 snorkel fitted to a T7




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