4×4 Direct Landy Rebuild Project

4×4 Direct Landy Rebuild Project
Our Landy Rebuild Project

This one of those 5 second decisions, bumped into a guy who asked if I wanted and Landy and we made a deal on the spot. A bit neglected but with potential. She was running, engine starts easily and it drove fairly well.

As it had quite a number of oil leaks we decided to rather just strip down the whole thing and start all other instead of trying to keep on fixing small things all the time.

Only afterwards I realised that the registration papers showed it was rebuilt in 1994. What a pity, so it do not show the original date. Also seems later on that she was a bit of a bitsy. The steering and firewall part is series 2A, the fenders and grill seems more like series 3, front diff seems to be series 3. But we decided to keep her and restore her to be as close to series 2A as we could without breaking the bank.

I asked around on the 4×4 Community forum and some guys said from the serial number it must have been a 1961 Military Landy.

Is about a 1961 Series 2a, 88″ , or something.

Apparently all milatary vehicles bought on auction at the time, had to be re-registered as “Built up” when you bought them as they were never registered on the road.

Series 2 plate

We started stripping it in Nov 2016 and would mostly work once a week in the evening.

Land Rover series

Stripping a Landy

Stripping a Landy

Stripping a LandyApparently the WRONG way of removing the body:

Stripping a Landy

Stripping a Landy

Taking landy engine out

Remove land chassis from diffs

Landy stripped

We sent the Chassis for sand blasting and were delighted to see that there were no serious rust. We had it hot dipped galavanized.

In the mean while we found a Series 2A donor vehicle for a good price. It worked hard but all the crucial parts we need are still in good condition. Oh ja and of course it has the old original rims we so badly need for our project.

Series 2a

Gear Box and Diffs were all completely rebuild with new bearings and new seals.

Strip Landy engine
Stripped the Landy engine for rebuild.


Landy rover diffs
Now the cleaning and paintings starts


Cleaned Landy diff

salisbury diff

Assembling Landy


Adding landy chassis

Gearbox in Landy Diff
Installed Gearbox, with new Mountings
Recon Landy Engine
Then the engine, new pistons, bearings, waterpump, oil pump, etc, etc. Had it re-sleeved and put in STD pistons.
Cleaned and Painted Landy engine
Cleaned and Painted Landy engine
Land Rover 2.25 petrol
(Almost) final product of Landy engine


Engine installed
Installed Landy Engine to chassis

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