My Connect it Fittings don’t fit



I had a order with you recently with order number 6**2 and these connect it fitting does not fit into the 25mm with 2mm wall thickness pipe. The inside of the pipe is 21mm think and these Connect-it fittings are 23mm. We need to rectify this issue because my project is now running behind because of this issue.


Hallo Christiaan
We designed our own aluminium square tubing to fit the connect-it fittings. Our 25mm Square tubing have a 1.8mm wall thickness.
The Connect-it fittings must fit tight so that your frame do not move around especially when driving on rough terrain.

If you cannot get it in, just persuade it by means of a rubber mallet.

You must however be careful when you force the Brace pieces as their feet will break if you hit too hard.
You can file away the ridges on the fittings a little bit to let it go in easier.

On the long run this method is more reliable than using a thinner wall thickness.

Best regards
Pieter Pretorius


4x4Direct South Africa