RaceChip Tuning


How does RaceChip work? The RaceChip tuning modules read data from your vehicles engine control unit, and optimize the characteristics of your engine, like injection timing, fuel flow and boost pressure are remapped to offer optimum engine power and reduction in fuel consumption.

RaceChip leaves no evidence once removed. Thus it won’t effect your vehicle warranty. It is easy to install as a DIY kit.

Overview of technical Specifications

At present, we offer three different RaceChip Chip tuning modules for DIY-installation:


The a.m. increases in performance and torque as well as the fuel saving are generally achievable maximum values. They can vary depending on the vehicle. You get information on the determined maximum values for your vehicle after selecting your vehicle.

RaceChip: Quality Made in Germany
Per November 2012, the RaceChip is sold worldwide in 29 countries. In the meantime, more than 100,000 RaceChip customers experience pure driving pleasure worldwide. They trust in “Made in Germany”. Actually, the RaceChip Tuning products are not only developed in Germany but also produced there completely.

Die RaceChip Chiptuning GmbH & Co. KG has already been certified acc. DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2009. All company levels are subject to a process-oriented quality management system. Development, production or despatch as well as technical support and customer service.

Testing of RaceChip Modules
All RaceChip modules are subject to certain test methods at regular intervals.

Temperature resistance
RaceChip modules can be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations during driving operation. Its proper function during permanent operation is guaranteed between -20 °C and + 135 °C.

Shock resistance
Independent tests prove: Even hard shocks (up to 500/min) do not affect the function of the RaceChip Chiptuning module at all.

Winter performance
Road salt affects each electronic equipment heavily. It can even be destroyed permanently. All current RaceChip Chiptuning modules are protected against road salt, so that damages on the electronic equipment are excluded. During the test aggressive salt is sprayed on the modules around the clock for ten days. Only after the module batch has successfully passed this test, it will be delivered.

EMC E13 Testing method
The electromagnetic compatibility of the RaceChip Chiptuning module in road traffic is mad sure with these tests.

The CE-marking on all RaceChip Chiptuning modules confirms: All safety requirements of the EU are completely observed.




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